About Me

If there is anything that transcends countries, cultures, languages and even kitchens around the world – it is the aroma of delicious home cooked food! There is nothing quite like it! My addiction to this wonderful aroma began with savouring home cooked food in my homeland. And being from an armed forces family, I had the good fortune to relish flavours across different parts of the country. My journey with food had begun right then, but I didn’t know it!

It was only after I moved to UK many years later did I realise my passion lay with food and not just the take out of the box variety – I loved making simple, delectable, home cooked Indian food. Pretty soon my kitchen and my life too, was buzzing with a variety of spices and flavours and my days were planned around preparing healthy and flavoursome Indian food for my family, my friends and eventually friends of friends who heard about my cooking – and that’s how Meri Rasoi took form!

So no, I don’t don a chef’s hat in my kitchen. But what I do offer is a warm space for you to enjoy the process of cooking aromatic Indian food that you and your loved ones can savor together!

I help you discover your innate love for life through food – because it’s like Julia Child famously said – the best people are the ones who love food because only they can love life!

So come love life with a pinch of spice in Meri Rasoi and share the joy you experienced with your loved ones! Write into me at meri.rasoi@yahoo.com