Tandoori Chicken

The perfect summer barbeque dish – Tandoori Chicken gets its name from the traditional clay ovens (called Tandoors) in which it is cooked at high temperatures. Tandoors are bell-shaped ovens set into the earth and fired with wood or charcoal. Chicken marinated with yogurt and spices is skewered and then left to roast in the Tandoor (or an oven-grill for those cooking at home) producing a juicy and tangy dish that can be served as an accompaniment to a main dish or simply enjoyed on its own with some salad and chutney.



Chicken 1kg (skinned and cut into medium pieces)
Lemon juice 3 tbsp.
Kashmiri red chilli powder 11/2tbsp.
Garam masala powder ½ tsp.
Hung yogurt 300gm normal yogurt (hung in muslin cloth)
Ginger-Garlic paste 2 tbsp.
Olive oil 1 tbsp.
Salt To taste


Cooking Instructions

Pierce the cleaned chicken pieces with a fork.

Mix one tbsp. Kashmiri red chilli powder with one tbsp. lemon juice and salt and apply the mixture to the chicken. Set aside for half hour.

For the marinade, first tie up the yogurt in a muslin cloth and leave to hang over a bowl for 15-20 minutes.

Remove the thick hung yogurt in a bowl.

To the yogurt, add the remaining Kashmiri red chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste, remaining lemon juice, garam masala powder, olive oil and salt (to taste). Mix well.

Apply the above mixture all over the chicken and marinate for 3-4 hours in the fridge.

Thread the chicken onto a skewer and grill in a preheated oven at 200-220°C. Keep turning the skewers to brown the chicken evenly. Cook for 15-20 mins or until cooked.

Remove and set aside. Serve with onion rings and lemon wedges.


Kitchen Tip

Serve with coriander-mint chutney and cut salad when eating as a starter. You can even use only drumsticks instead of the whole chicken when serving as a starter.