1. Merlin School, London says:

    ‘ a truly informative evening. The food was delicious and it certainly taught us things that we didn’t know about Indian cookery. Great for team building too after a busy day!’……

  2. Lena Sullivan says:

    I booked the classes initially as a fun social activity as I am not a super cook. However, I discovered that cooking authentic Indian recipes produced the most delicious results. I’d assumed that if I wanted Indian food I would have to eat out. The opposite is true. I’ve gained the confidence to now cook delicious Indian cuisine in my own kitchen. I’ve purchased my own spice kits and am loving experimenting with intensity of flavours. Thank you to my great teacher Nidhi for your patience and enthusiasm in sharing your knowledge.

  3. Katie Meech says:

    Nidhi’s classes are both fun and inspiring. She is such a calm and experienced teacher that the course participants and the food take centre stage. With her gentle guidance and helpful tips, we learned so much about the ingredients and techniques. As a result, we left the classes able to reproduce these mouth-watering recipes at home. Will definitely be back for more classes in the future!

  4. Karen Holloway says:

    We were given a voucher for Nidhi’s Indian cooking for a Christmas present. Nidhi did all she could do to accomodate us finding a suitable date. We booked for a Saturday morning and with two others began our journey into the subtleties of Indian cooking. Nidhi shared her expert knowledge of spices and herbs and how to prepare, cook and serve them . We all joined in with the preparation and cooking . We learnt so much and We feel confident now to reproduce the dinner we all enjoyed together at the end of the day. Thank you Nidhi

  5. Georgina Shield says:

    “I have many friends from different regions of India and have always enjoyed Indian cuisine. So when a very good friend offered to give me an Indian cooking lesson for my birthday; I eagerly said yes! I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook authentic Indian food and that is exactly what you get at Meri Rasoi. Nidhi takes you on a journey; starting with an introduction to spices; providing an explanation and the value of each. The way Nidhi presents the class is very easy to follow and she is full of useful information and tips. We cooked a North Indian menu on the day; each dish was unique and delicious. I especially enjoyed the Bhindi Masala (okra cooked in delicate spices) and Dhania Murgh (chicken cooked in fresh herby coriander paste). I love coriander! The best part was eating everything we cooked at the end! I thoroughly enjoyed my morning and I’m looking forward to doing another one of Nidhi’s courses soon.”

  6. Karen and Kevin says:

    We were given a voucher for this Indian cooking for a Christmas present. Nidhi did all she could do to accomodate us finding a suitable date. We booked for a Saturday morning and with two others began our journey into the subtleties of Indian cooking Nidhi shared her expert knowledge of spices and herbs and how to prepare, cook and serve them . We all joined in with the preparation and cooking . We learnt so much and We feel confident now to reproduce the dinner we all enjoyed together at the end of the day. Thank you Nidhi
    Karen and Kevin

  7. Natasha Stannard says:

    Like most expats living in India, I needed to learn and understand Indian cooking. Nidhi is fluent in English, having lived in the UK herself and can understand our concern for chillies, spices, oil and salt. Having completed the beginner course I was eager to continue and am presently enjoying the advanced course. I have now learnt and understand the need for salt in Indian food, what a difference it makes to the dish. I never cooked with oil, but have realised it is the way you cook the food in oil that helps the flavour and Nidhi has shown me there is no excess oil, floating on the top of the food as you find when you have that takeaway meal…. I cannot sing Nidhi’s praises enough, she is a lovely lady, has taught me so much and introduced me to a new circle of friends. Thank you Nidhi!!!

  8. Gabriela Perez Ruiz says:

    Taking this cooking course made me respect even more Indian cuisine. I learned that each condiment has different cooking processes as well as to recognize different flavours and the importance of following times and quantities adequately in order to get the best flavours out of each ingredient. In addition to learning home cooking, we learned traditions from different regions of India.

    Nidhi’s kindness, clarity to transmit her cooking knowledge and being in a small group resulted in a nice working atmosphere. I highly recommend this course and hope to have the opportunity of taking the next level soon. Thanks Nidhi for teaching us how immensely rich is Indian cuisine.

  9. jiwoo young suh says:

    Ever since I’ve come to India, I’ve wanted to learn at least a little of the great cuisine of my host country. I have learned so much fron this class and I plan to take thehigher course later on. In fact, I already signed up. Can’t wait!

  10. I have recently taken the six week intensive course with Nidhi Verma and I have been surprised by the depth and intensity of her course work. Don’t misunderstand me it was not difficult, but the things I learnt how to do and the understanding which I gleaned from this knowledge has allowed me to better savour Indian Cuisine.

    Over the weeks Nidhi taught us six different main courses, raitas, breads and rices, and it was wonderful after working hard in the kitchen under her marvellous tutelage to sit back and eat our products!

    Thank you Nidhi for the apprenticeship and I hope my family are going to enjoy the fruits of my coursework. It was certainly money well spent!!

    Looking forward to the next level!!

  11. Mariangel Galindo Paez says:

    Cooking classes at Meri Rasoi was one of the highlight of my trip to India. The group size (4) was perfect, and I really enjoyed talking and getting to know the other guests. The day was spent partly in the kitchen watching fresh food being prepared, learning tips and traditional techniques and learning how to work with traditional Indian spices. I have never been in a cooking class, but now it’s something I want to experience in every country I visit!. Mariangel

  12. Jeanie Hosken says:

    Nidhi is so warm and lovely! I felt I was spending time with a good friend each week. She taught us many new recipes as part of the beginner course-and all were delicious!! I feel much more confident to cook Indian food and I have learned quite a bit about Indian culture as well! I highly recommend this course to anyone from beginner to seasoned cook. Be prepared to have fun!!

  13. Marlene Hollow says:

    I am very happy to be part of Nidhi’s first batch of students in Mumbai. I found the classes well structured and each class builds on the techniques taught from the previous one. I have never cooked Indian food before and find Nidhi’s recipes a hit with family and friends. To top it all off, I really loved the social aspect of the class, getting to know the others as well as sharing laughs and learnings. The sharing of the meal at the end of each lesson was particularly enjoyable. Thank you Nidhi for teaching me a new skill in such a comfortable, nurturing and social environment.

  14. Joanna Hewitt says:

    “Nidhi’s class has you cooking classic Indian dishes with confidence very quickly. She shows you just how it’s done in Indian homes and makes sure you understand key techniques so you can reproduce the real thing. We had a lot of fun and can now cook some of our favourite dishes to a decent standard. I expect to impress friends when I go back home!”

  15. Toni Butler says:

    I took my visiting niece and her friend along to Nidhi’s for a morning of cooking, learning and eating. It was a wonderful way to share some of our India experience with family and friends and I would recommend enrolling your visitors in a one-off class if they cannot make a scheduled class. The big takeaway for me (other than the food!) was Nidhi’s hints and tips about the cooking process that make the difference between simply following a recipe and cooking with heart – understanding the ingredients and giving them the time to integrate and bring out the best of their flavour. Reminded me of how our grandmothers cooked – slowly, deliberately, and yet recognizing that it doesn’t have to take all day!

  16. Lori Beckett says:

    Had a inspiring informative and fun morning cooking with Nidhi in her lovely ‘Rasoi’. Nidhi, involving us “hands on” in the practical tasks, took us through all the stages of preparing and cooking a traditional three dish meal and a raita. I learned a lot about which spices complement one another and when to use them as well as lots of practical tips about the process of cooking Indian food. Nidhi teaches from the heart in a down to earth practical style. I have since cooked the dishes at home following Nidhi’s instructions with great success. I will be definitely taking more classes. Thank you Nidhi for a lovely morning. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  17. John Krotzer says:

    For me, the biggest take away was the “demystifying” of Indian cooking. With so many spices and flavors, I have always been too intimidated to try. But Chef Nidhi made it easy, walking us step by step through each dish and giving helpful hints on using Indian spices, as well as what pitfalls to avoid. We also cooked in a very typical kitchen, so I know that I already have all of the tools I need to make excellent Indian food. In the end, we enjoyed a delicious lunch we made ourselves, plus got to keep our apron!

    Highly recommended!

  18. Sarah Thomas says:

    Having completed Nidhi’s 6 week course has now taken the mystery out of Indian cooking and I now have a life skill which will enable me to cook fabulous Indian cuisine to share with my my family and friends. During the course I hosted two dinners for friends and all were very impressed and enjoyed the food. Without Nidhi’s excellent teaching and patience it would not have been possible to create such delicious Indian food. Unlike most cookery courses, the ingredients for each session are provided by Nidhi which is very helpful to busy people and the food walk in Tooting helps gain an understanding of all the diffferent produce. I will definately be recommending Nidhi’s courses to friends.

  19. Cordelia Tobin says:

    I have always enjoyed eating indian food since a very young age, and was keen to learn more about how and what contributes to this wonderful cuisine. Nidhi’s 6 week introductory course was an inspiring, interesting, informative and delicious start to that journey for me. Every Tuesday we learnt a few more healthy indian recipes and delicacies amongst a relaxed informal ” kitchen” environment. Nidhi is a charming and approachable teacher, and i have left her classes with 14 new delicious recipes and courage to cook with spices. Thank you Nidhi.

  20. Emma M says:

    I have always wanted to learn more about Indian cooking and when my youngest son started school I started Nihdi’s 6 week intensive course. I have learnt so much and all the family have enjoyed the results. My children love making chapatti’s. Nidhi is a great teacher giving you the skills to recreate at home what you have cooked in the class. With all the ingredients provided on the day is it very relaxing. You also yet a food walk were you are shown where you can buy the ingredients. I would definitely recommend Nidhi’s courses.

  21. Steven Hirsch says:

    I have taken many cooking classes before with European cooking. On Nidhi’s course I had none of the worry and anticipation on the day because I did not have to prepare anything before hand. It was already when we got there with all the ingredients. We participated in the cooking to learn the techniques, then did the dish at home later in the week. Now I feel I can take on an Indian recipe and I have actually learned to cook over a dozen different dishes. I recommend her course without hesitation, and look forward to doing a more advanced course in the future.

  22. John Sutton says:

    I have just completed Nidhi’s 6 week intensive course. The lessons were all very enjoyable both to paricipate in and to eat the delicious food afterwards. The recipes seemed rather daunting at first, so many spices and ingredients, but by the end I felt a lot more confident and quite pleased with my efforts. Nidhi always made us feel very welcome and she is a great teacher, explaining the principles as well as the practice. Thank you Nidhi.

  23. Pam Wright says:

    The 6 week intensive course has given me the incentive and confidence to cook a variety of new dishes – not all my efforts taste as good as Nidhi’s but I shall keep working on them till they are perfect!

  24. Caroline DT says:

    I’ve just done the 6 week intensive course and have learnt so much about how to cook wonderful fresh, tasty, healthy Indian food. My husband wishes I did the course years ago as it has transformed the way we eat at home! Nidhi manage to simplify the recipes so they are easy to do again at home, Its been very inspirational-thank you Nidhi!

  25. Marie Morice says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to cook daal, having lived and travelled in Asia. The course I took with Nidhi was brilliant, very relevant and hands-on. I would highly recommend doing a cooking class with Nidhi, she is a great teacher and she demystifies complex dishes with a lovely smile and great savoir-faire! You will end up with a confidence boost and a lovely meal to share! Enjoy!

  26. Angela Crymble says:

    The six week class allowed me to go from thinking that Indian cuisine was a mysterious creation only obtainable from restaurants, to having the knowledge to cook a variety of the dishes I would have previously ordered. By learning the basic principles of Indian cooking I feel more comfortable experimenting with new recipes, as well as re-creating the ones we learned in class. Nidhi is a great teacher, and as a result, beyond simply learning about the food, I had a fabulous time.

  27. Rob Davies says:

    I have just finished the 6 week intermediate course. I wish I had taken the classes 25 years ago as I left home. We didn’t just learn recipes but were taught the basic principles that make an indian dish taste delicious; in what order to put the spices, what combines with what, how to spot when a dish is ready to add the next ingredient, and a lot more. Nedhi is an excellent teacher. She explains why, she gives examples, she goes back over the main points from prior classes. And, as all the students on the course were really nice people, we got to eat six enjoyable meals together after each session along with Nedhi and her delightful family. Highly recommended.

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